Events Room


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The events room was conceived with a multi-functionality purpose for different activities, such as lectures, seminars, symposiums, books launch, music events with theme nights devoted, for example, to “fado” or Christmas songs, training sessions, workshops, painting and/or sculpture exhibitions, craft exhibitions and floral arrangement, among others.
In addition to the activities mention above, this space will also have Azorean cuisine tasting, made with regional products, always within the seasonality context.
Menus will include typical local dishes, always according to the year’s season, or to the festive seasons, and served in buffet. Indeed, the room is prepared to accommodate people sitting at the table and/or other formats, depending on the current event. It has a fireplace and wood as needed, to provide more comfort and well-being to those who visit us. On the outside, and in connection with the events room, it is an adjacent space, which will work as an esplanade that can always be used when the nature of the event requires so.
The room can also be rented for other purposes such as weddings, baptism, and other social events.
In this room there will also be a space – theme room – with the function to permanently expose aspects related to the festive seasons such as the “Espírito Santo” or dates to be celebrated through the year, such as “Pão por Deus”. In the remaining days, it will be equipped with a typical bedroom furniture.
During Summer, the adjacent gardens which connect with the events room, will provide entertainment with concerts, ranches performances of Azorean folklore, “cantigas ao desafio” (spontaneous singing; back-and-forth duel), among others, as well as theatrical performances of aspects related to the various activities that represented the day-to-day farming operation, which led to existence of this establishment. These exhibitions’ intent is, once more, the promotion of the Azorean culture amongst those of visits us.